Thursday 20 April 2017


Ooops - I seem to have forgotten to post an entry yesterday.  Really sorry about that - no problems, just rather busy really.

It's cold out there but not icy, thank goodness.  It's too early to tell whether the sun will grace us with its presence but you never know!  I gather it's going to get colder next week with, maybe, some snow.  I shall dig out an old sheet to cover the strawberries and hope that will prevent any damage.   There are so many flowers, it would be very sad if they got frosted.

Pretty, aren't they?

Yesterday ended up a busy day.  I spent the morning at the allotment with Beth.  We're getting there now although there's still quite a lot of weeding to do, and Beth planted the first row of spuds - very cheering!
Then she came home with me and we had lunch, after which she got on with sewing and I got on with planning, etc.

After two tuition sessions, I was so tired but, despite that, didn't sleep wonderfully well and was awake by 3:00 which was annoying.
So I came down, did some messaging and made the savoury mince for the lasagne I am going to make at the weekend.  It's been simmering in Thermione for an hour and has just finished.  Very delicious it tastes too.

I shall go up and have my bath and get dressed after posting this and then I cam make an earlier start off to the allotment.  I mowed the grass yesterday so don't have to load the mower into the boot today, thank goodness.
Then it's home for bread making and another tuition session before getting the ironing done while watching evening TV.  Hopefully I will sleep a lot better tonight because I've got a busy weekend coming up.

Have a good day, whatever you plan to do.


  1. Good luck with the plans Joy we have no sun today and it is still freezing cold

  2. No sun here yet either but it looks as if it might brighten up later. Good luck with all your plans too, Diane.
    J x