Friday 7 April 2017


Ouch, ouch, ouch!
That's the effects of the allotment yesterday.  Not the usual aches in arms and legs but in my ankles.  I have very dodgy ankles and the surface of the allotment is very uneven so my ankles keep turning.   No damage, just ouch-stiffness.

Never mind, it was a well spent morning and we started the task of clearing the weeds that have shot up after mowing the grassy areas.  I had a few moments of worry when the mower wouldn't start but that was just me doing the wrong thing!

The four trees that we moved last year have all taken and are leafing up well.  The pear and the cherry are in blossom and the two apples are budding well.  One is my Aunty May redlove, the tree I bought with some of the money my dear Aunty May left me, so I would have been sad if that hadn't survived the move.
We have fingers crossed for some fruit this year.
This is a redlove apple tree - not ours, of course, one I found on Google.  It has the most beautiful deep pink blossom and the apples are pinky red throughout, not just the skins.  They are lovely.

Must remember to take my camera to the allotment today!

After mowing and pruning a little bit, we set to and started clearing some beds.  It takes time but, once done, it will just take regular hoeing to keep all those weeds down.

Once home, I brought in the washing that had been drying on the line and got it ironed AND put away!  I seem to be a reformed character in that respect.
Then I sat down with my Kindle and two hours later I woke up again.  You see, I was awake and up at three yesterday morning so a snooze was much needed.

Today I have a few things I need to get from Morrisons so will go in early.  Then it is back to the allotment again for more weeding and mowing the grass areas a bit shorter as I used the highest setting yesterday.

Then I am hoping for enough energy to do some more work in my garden.  I did make a list of all that needs doing, both front and back, yesterday so just need to work my way through it really.

So that's my day.  Nice and busy with no time to idle.


  1. ouch, ouch indeed, hopefully the return to the allotment today will help ease those aching muscles.

    I seem to remember that you purchased a battery operated mower for the allotment, are you still happy with it and would you mind telling me which one please.I'm thinking of investing in one myself but am wondering whether they are up to the job. I don't have a bit garden but there is front and back.

  2. Yes, we're very happy with it. It's a < goes out to look > Bosch Rotak 36V. It copes very well with the rough allotment grass and even leaves stripes!
    J x