Saturday 1 April 2017


Phew.  A busy week is over and today is a day just for me!  I thought it was going to be lovely and sunny today but it looks now as if it might not be so sunny.  Never mind, I have planned to potter in the garden, make some bread and generally have a great time.  The ironing basket is empty which is nice but I do have a load of whites to get done!

Yesterday was quiet, a great relief after the day before.  After dropping Al at school, I went to feed and sort out Beth's cats thinking 'last time, last time'.  Have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning their litter trays?  Well, I do.  Yuck!

After that it was home and within half an hour I was asleep.  I had another snooze in the afternoon and also slept well all night, so I guess I've caught up on Thursday's short night.  :-)

Today I am off to Aldi's at 8:00, then along to B&Q and Wyvale for various bits and pieces and then home for a me day!

Come the evening I shall watch my new DVD, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I have been very controlled and kept it in its box all week and now it is time.  People have said very good things about this film so I am looking forward to it.


  1. Have yourself a wonderful day. I have a day to myself - hair at 11, housework, washing etc !

  2. Have a lovely me day well deserved after a busy week

  3. Your day sounds great, Rachel. I always feel better after having my hair done. :-)
    Thanks, Diane. It is going very pleasantly at the moment.

    J x