Wednesday 26 April 2017


Good morning again.  It's still cold out there, made colder by a fairly brisk breeze.  I've taken advantage of the breeze to hang out the first lot of washing and my hands are so cold!  I gather rain is expected at some point and, for sure, it looks very gloomy.
Yesterday was gloriously sunny and warmed up considerably through the day which was welcome.  Even so, I put the blanket over the strawberries overnight.

School was fun, as was lunch with Beth.  It's nice to feel I have the best of both worlds, isn't it?

I'm expecting to stay in and potter for most of today, with two tuition sessions later on in the day.  I have to finish this week's planning this morning and then I will have some ironing, I expect, unless what's on the line gets soaked in some rain!  It's blowing madly about right now so should be good and fresh by the time it's all dry.

Given that I'm having downstairs and up the stairs to the landing redecorated at the start of May, I was thinking I ought to sort out the cupboards that I am going to need to empty, but I have remembered that I did that just before Christmas,  The shed needs a good clear out but it's too cold for that today.  I don't even have bread to make as the loaves I baked for the weekend didn't get totally used up and are still sitting in the freezer.Maybe I will just have a lazy day!  Actually, it is quite nice that things have slowed down somewhat since the weekend and Monday which were well busy one way and another.  Some 'me' time is always appreciated.

Well, I'd better stop now.  The coffee mug is empty and needs refilling.  I seem to have a lot more people reading this blog over the last few days so, to all of you, welcome and have a good day.  Stay warm!


  1. As you say perhaps a lazy day you cant beat hot coffee/tea and a good book!!!

  2. You read my mind, Diane. :-)
    J x