Thursday 13 April 2017


Good morning, everyone.  A cold night overnight and this morning is still chilly but it's fine.  Mind you, some rain would be a good idea!  The ground is so, so dry.

Yesterday passed more or less as planned.  I now have a tidier kitchen again and the advantage of an early awakening is that by 8:30 yesterday morning I had two completed loaves making the house smell wonderful.  They're now sliced, bagged and in the freezer.

Well, I waited and waited but no post arrived at all yesterday.  I hope my card comes today otherwise, with bank holidays and other stuff, I shall be in a bit of a fix.  Fingers crossed.

Given that I'm having to stay in, I shall give the garden some time this morning.  I'm trying to get rid of some white bells but every year more come up - they're most invasive.  My little patch of bluebells, however, don't seem to want to spread at all.  I guess I just have to keep digging them up and being patient.
I also need to deal with the offspring from the Japanese anemone.  A friend would like some so I will dig it up and pot it up for her and cross my fingers.
I also really do need to get the blueberry potted out.
I think that gives me plenty to do.

Also there's some washing in the machine that needs hanging out, so I'd better get going.  I also need my first coffee of the day as I've just realised I've gone for over two hours without it!

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