Sunday, 2 April 2017


Good morning!

Around here, once the early morning gloom had cleared and the mandatory few drops of drizzle had fallen (I saw them on the windscreen), out came the sun and the rest of the day was lovely.  Not as warm as I'd expected, but really pleasant.

After doing my Aldi shopping, I drove on to B&Q to get a few necessities including granular salt and a spray bottle.  I also fell for some trays of pansies - I do love pansies, they are so attractive

I had a mega chop at my herb and foliage bed.  I got rid of last year's growth (which I really should have done last autumn but never mind), I dug out some of the oregano that was threatening to take over, I pruned the rosemary (and need to do more today - it's very overgrown) and tidies up the mint pots.  There were surprisingly few weeds, which was nice.

Then I tackled the random pots and other stuff scattered around the garden.  The manky rainwater got poured over the dry beds (and they were very dry, poor plants), rubbish got chucked and so on and so forth.  There's more to do today and then I can get on with the more pleasant task of potting up the pansies into some planters and, maybe, into a hanging basket, if I can find a liner.  I shall also give the beds a good soaking and a sprinkle with the slow release fertiliser.  And I might also sow some carrots and radishes.   The other thing is that I have started tying up the bulb foliage.  It looks so messy once the flowers have gone but one has to leave them to die back so I have started tying them 'neatly' (comparatively neatly) in clumps.  They do look better!

Tomorrow, it is the front garden, as long as I can get to the bit that really needs it!

It's all go now spring has sprung.

After that I came in and had a snooze before making dinner and watching Fantastic Beasts which, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Apart from the garden today, I have the bread to make that I deferred from yesterday because there was more in the bread bin than I had realised and I am making some tomato and lentil soup because Beth is coming for lunch.  I'm so looking forward to seeing her photos and hearing about her holiday.

Well, it's time to check the dough and do a bit of kitchen tidying up so I will shut up now.  Fingers crossed for good weather for us all.

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