Sunday 5 March 2017


What a lovely day yesterday was!

The morning was very busy on and off as I had a downstairs to make presentable, bread to bake, a shopping list to meet, birthday balloons to get and take down to the Hare for later and hair to wash and dry.  I was on the go but it wasn't hectic and there were opportunities to sit and have coffee etc.

I must say, taking a taxi is a jolly good idea.  I could have driven but Saturday afternoon is not a great time to find a parking slot in reasonable distance of the theatre when there's a full house matinee performance.

The show was excellent.  Anything Goes.  Silly, silly story (as most of them are) but loads of opportunity for humour and some splendid songs.  The costumes were brilliant and the set was good, albeit a little rickety and wobbly at times.
We went the whole hog with programmes and wine in the interval.

We then had a taxi to the Hare where they had decorated the table with the balloons and confetti and had a whale of a time with three others who came for the meal.

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

After a four o'clock wake yesterday, I was pretty tired when I finally got home, but still woke just after four again this morning.

Today should be much quieter.  I have washing to do but no other housework.  Beth and Alex are here for lunch and I am making Beth a couple of loaves of my homemade but, apart from that and some tuition planning, I can take it easy.   Nice!

The bags went down very well with the customer and with several others who saw the photos on Facebook.  I guess we will be making more in the next months.

 I must get on with the Josephs for the nativity crib sets I am making.  I'm keeping up well with my targets of making one part every month.  January was the shepherds, February was the Maries and March is Josephs and, probably, the cribs, the babies and the sheep

Well, I'd better go and start the bread off.  And then it will be time for another coffee.

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