Monday 27 March 2017


Very sorry for the late post and good afternoon.

I've been away for the weekend and, unfortunately, last night wasn't a good night with painful tummy cramps that prevented me sleeping.  As a result I was up late and have not long arrived home.  Never mind - it's good to be home again and I can get an early night.

When I arrived home, there was an email telling me that my suite is being delivered back this afternoon (good news) and what I now have to pay (not such good news).
I'd already cancelled school as I have no wish to spread whatever it is I might have but had to contact them because I need to leave the house at some point to pick Alex up from school as he is staying with me this week.  Fortunately, they can deliver earlier.  I hope I like what they've done.  It's one thing to pick a swatch, quite another to see it large scale on furniture that you liked before (apart from the tattiness).

It's been a pleasant weekend.  There was the live link opera, as I mentioned, plus the garden centre visit and plenty of opportunity to sit, chat and snooze.  The weather has been beautiful and, despite a gloomy start, today has turned out to be gorgeous as well.

I hope you are all having a pleasant day.  Back tomorrow!


  1. hope it is just a fleeting thing and you feel better soon

  2. It probably is. I've had a small but 'proper' dinner so fingers crossed. Thanks, Diane.
    J x