Tuesday 28 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's dull and cloudy here but the mist is lifting, thank goodness, and the buds are breaking open all over the place.  Bee-yoo-tiful.

I set the alarm today after the clocks changed and the bad night I had and I'm glad I did because, for once, I slept right up to it.  It would never have done to sleep in and I have to take Al to school this week and also feed Beth's cats.  All that is done now so the morning is my own.

It's nice having Alex staying.  He's a lovely lad and very little trouble.  Having said that, he remembered yesterday that he had to pick up some meds which caused a bit of a panic until we worked out that I could pick him up over the lunch break so he can get to the chemist next to the surgery, where they will be waiting for him.

Just along from his school is a very nice garden centre so when I've dropped him off, that's where I will go for a pleasant look round.  I might even buy something nice, you never know.  I have got to get some large plastic pots anyway!  Lathcoats is over the road and I need some more milk so that's a perfect opportunity to pop in there too.  :-)  Al is having a driving lesson so won't be back at mine until five o'clock.

That's my day all planned out.  I just hope it all comes together well.  Yours too - have a good one!

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