Saturday 4 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's a bit chilly out there but hopefully it will warm up later.  I hope so anyway.

Yesterday was a very productive day.  We finished the owls (see picture at the top) and the two bigger owls are waiting to be picked up and taken to their new homes.
We also finished the two bags which will be collected today.  Here they are.

I love them both (although I would have different colours for the big bag) and would be happy to use either or both.  The friend seems really happy with them which is nice.

I had a busy start to the day in the kitchen, using up some things in the fridge to make a chorizo and bean stew.  I'm very pleased with how that came out.  I also roasted a chicken that I got on yellow sticker and that is shivering in the freezer in portions next to the chorizo bean stew.  It sorts out Sunday's meals!

One thing I love doing is taking the stock, the skin and all the other leftover bits and making a stock or 'broth' as I think some call it.   I tend to make it very plain and to reduce it right down to a thick, jelly-like lump!  I strain the fat off the top (very flavoursome) and use that separately.  You can get a lot off one chicken, if you really want to.

It took a while to tidy up the kitchen afterwards!

Today is busy.  Shopping first, then I have several things to do connected with a friend's birthday.  A house to tidy and clean, for a start, balloons to get and take to The Hare, some ironing, and so on.
It is going to be a lovely day!

Hope yours is too.


  1. We're ever so pleased with them. I'm glad you like them too, thanks.
    J x