Monday 13 March 2017


Good morning, gentle readers.  Things are what passes for normal again after a pleasant weekend spent with my parents.  Well - I say normal, but it's Infant Music Festival week so the first three days will be far from normal.  Nice, but not routine!
Also, in a short time, someone should be arriving to pick up my suite and whisk it off to be recovered.  That will be lovely - when I get it back.
But, whatever the week holds, it's nice to have been away and nice to be back again.

I had to hold off leaving on Friday as I had notification of a parcel being delivered.  Fortunately, it arrived in good time and I left while the cleaners were working their usual magic, meaning that I came back to a lovely, clean and tidy home.

Last night we went to a concert at the Broadway Theatre in Letchworth.  It was a selection of chamber music, some original and some arrangements with works ranging from Hummel, through Bach and Mozart to Faure and Holst and it really was most enjoyable.  Normally I would be coming home this morning but, because of the suite being picked up, I drove home after the concert and it was a very easy drive (apart from the fact that country runs are pitch black, of course!) so I wasn't too weary when I got home and had the energy to unpack and put on a batch of yogurt before sliding into bed (clean sheets - bliss) to get a really good night's sleep!

Today is busy, as already mentioned, but it should be lots of fun.

Well, I need to put some washing in, in hopes that the day will stay as lovely as it is at the moment and it will dry on the line while I do my musical duties.
So I'd better get on with it!  Have a lovely day!