Wednesday 8 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's raining round here which is a shame after a very pleasant day yesterday but maybe it will brighten up soon.  Fingers crossed anyway.

As expected, yesterday was really great, if a bit of a rush to start with.  I'd expected J to come for lunch and stay pm but she needed to change it to coming at 10, staying for lunch and then going.  A bit of a rush but I got there.  I made the lunch (soup) before she arrived and we had a really pleasant morning crafting and chatting, J, Beth and I.

I have a new knitting 'thing' to add to the nativity characters.  Knitting clothes for Barbie.  Not mine, obviously, but for a little friend.  I've been scouring the internet for patterns but there don't seem to be any modern ones around, not that I could find, anyway, so I shall have to get creative.  I did print out some old ones from the 60s, would you believe, so I have something to keep me going.  It's very fine work but rather pleasing and satisfying.

Today I don;t have to go out until tuition - in fact I have nothing scheduled at all until than so I'm going to have a lazy day.  I say that but, in reality, I still feel that every day is lazy because I don't go to work.  It's a jolly nice feeling.

It's nine o'clock so I'd better get ready to rock and roll - I don't want a pj day today!


  1. Joy, have you checked on Ravelry? I've just searched for 'doll's clothes' in there and 100s came up, some very barbieish too ...

  2. I forgot about Ravelry. Many thanks.
    J x