Thursday 30 March 2017


For the first time this week, I am writing this when it is still dark.  I think I've got over the clocks changing!  I have no idea of the weather, having not looked out yet, but I gather the weekend is supposed to be glorious, my new planters have arrived (and were made up and ready) and I can feel a garden blitz coming on, especially if the sun shines.

They are lovely planters, a bit bigger than I expected so I need to stock up with soil as there's definitely not enough compost to cope.  I've been thinking of this year's vegetables, as most folk with a garden have, and I'm pondering on turning one of the planters over to a yellow courgette, if Dad can give me a seedling or if I can buy one.

The planters were a bit of a test really, to see if they 'went' in the garden.  They looked nice in the garden centre but you do need to see these things in situ.  Now I am satisfied, I think I might invest in a few more of different shape, for carrots and things like radishes and salad leaves.
If all that goes ahead, I will be growing runner beans, tomatoes, strawberries, courgettes, carrots, radishes and salad leaves.  Really not bad for a very small garden.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day.  After dropping Alex off at school and feeding the cats, I went shopping and treated myself to the DVD of Fantastic Beasts.  I was very restrained (had to be - lack of time) and didn't watch it yesterday, I won't have time to watch it today and tomorrow is looking a bit crowded, so I will save it for a weekend treat.

I cooked the casserole to dinner tonight and then went off to school to do my duty and to say my goodbyes to a member of staff who is leaving.  Very sad: she will be missed indeed.  The I picked Al up before getting ready to go out to school early evening for the show.

And it was brilliant.  It was the Y3/4 Easter show and they did a musical about David and Goliath.  I enjoyed it so much.  I taught all of Y4, one class as Y1s and the other class was my last ever class as Y2s.  One of the nice things about teaching the younger ones is that you get to know them early and see them work their way up through the school.  Two more years and one term and all 'my' classes will have left and gone on to secondaries.  I wonder if that will lessen the ties I feel with the school.

Well, today is a busy and enjoyable day (I hope) and there's lots to do, so I'd better stop rambling and get moving!

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