Monday 20 March 2017


The start of another new week and, officially (I think), the last day of winter!  So, of course, it is raining.  Not cold, just wet and dismal.

Mind you, yesterday turned out quite nice with sunshine at times and a refreshing breeze that persuaded me to open the French windows to air the house.

Beth came round and after lunch (jacket potato, etc, and very nice too) she got going with a bag she is making for someone and I got my knitting out.  We had a jolly good chat about this and that and the afternoon went quickly.  I spent the evening also knitting and watching things like DIY:SOS before snuggling up in bed with Scarlet Feather on my Kindle.

Today is a school day.  By that I mean Knitter Knatter, then Foundation Stage.  I've already done most of the meal prep for the day and hope to spend the morning continuing with a clothes sort out.  But first it is time for another coffee and than I must wash my hair before showing my face to anyone else.  It's getting a bit shaggy (hair, not face) but Sharon (hairdresser) is coming on Friday so that's good.

Well, better get going or nothing will be done.

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