Tuesday 14 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dry, chilly morning out there and I am hoping for a fine day so I shall hang out my washing before I pop off to the music festival and keep my fingers crossed.

Yesterday was pretty hard work as we had a lot of chairs to move before the children arrived for the first of five performances of the festival 'cantata', Eddie the Penguin Saves the World, a lovely play with songs from those wonderful people at Out Of The Ark.  Once the children arrived, there was hardly time to draw breath before the workshop and then the performance started.  Today there are two performance and the same tomorrow.  We may get a free lunch or three out of it but, my word, we certainly earn them.

On arriving home, it struck me how big my living room is without the suite.  I have somewhere to sit as the old recliner isn't being recovered, it is not worth it, so that's OK.  It will be lovely to have it back again in a fortnight, as good as new and with repaired casters to make it all easy to push around again.  I bought it when Alex was a baby so the covers did get rather 'Alexed', as we called it, when he was a little one and it's been a long time in the planning and thinking, this re-covering.  For ages I thought I'd get a new suite because, after all, re-covering isn't a cheap option, but I like my suite, it's jolly comfortable and 'right' for me and there is nothing wrong with it apart from looking tatty on the outside.

When the suite is back and I have recovered (in a different sense) from the cost, I will start looking around for a new recliner and get it in a toning fabric.  I do have to replace that - it was Dad's for many years until it started showing signs of age.  He offered it to me on the understanding that it wouldn't last me very long and I accepted with gratitude.  I've had it for well over ten years and, yes, it's really showing signs of old age now and wouldn't be worth re-covering.

I'm really hoping that when all that's done, what I have, treated properly, will see me out.

Back to today - I shall be off into town for the festival and when I get home I guess I will flake out and have a lazy evening after getting the washing in off the line.  I do have to do some planning at some point as I have one of my two pupils on Wednesday.  The other will be at their Termly Learning Conference at school.

But for now it's time for a second coffee and to put the porridge on to cook.  Have a good day, everyone.


  1. Happy Tuesday Joy. I'm picturing you with emergency deckchairs up in your living room! The newly covered suite will look so swanky but feel soooo comfy! Perfect

  2. Happy Tuesday to you too, Rachel! Deckchairs sound a good idea - if there was anyone else to pull me up again! :-)
    J x