Friday 10 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  Once the sun broke through, it was wall to wall all day and how lovely to be able to throw open the French windows and let the warm, fresh air come blowing through.  The washing dried beautifully and, at school, the children brought in the smell of sunshine after lunch.

The walk to school was delightful.  There's a grassy bank on one side and decades ago someone planted a whole lot of crocus and daffodil bulbs there which have spread and matured ever since and now make a wonderful spring display.

It was a busy day too.  Planning and prep in the morning plus a spot of jam making, teaching in the afternoon followed by tuition and then ironing in the evening.  Busy but satisfying.

I enjoyed the afternoon but it did confirm to me that I am a little ones' teacher.  I had that class in Y2 and they were lovely then and lovely yesterday but . . . just personal preference, I suspect.

Today the lovely cleaners are due to make their fortnightly visit so I do have to tidy up so they can do their job properly, especially my bedroom, which is beginning to look a bit battered again.  I have quite a list of things to sort out so that should keep me out of trouble.

I need some more coffee now and then I ought to get going.  Have a lovely day.

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