Thursday 16 March 2017


Phew.  Life returns to its now normal sedentary pace.  The last three days have been fun.  Lots of children, lots of music, running up and down stairs, making coffee, etc, etc, etc, but it is over now apart from the post mortem, and we helpers were surprised and thrilled to be given some flowers as a think you.  So kind.
I now have a number of free days in the next week that I intend to keep free so I can catch up with my own bits and bobs.

I couldn't crash when I got in as I had to go out for tuition.  There's just one session this week as it is Termly Learning Conference week at school.  They used to be called 'Consultation Evenings' but the name and the style has now changed.

However, after that I crashed and, apart from making dinner, I stayed crashed.  It was lovely but a shame there wasn't all that much on the telly.  Never mind, I social networked, knitted, read and generally relaxed.

Unfortunately, I had some upsetting dreams overnight so it is just as well I'm at home this morning.  I can catch up on sleep if I want, although I would like to get out into the garden to do some clearing.  It's a fair old mess out there at the moment!  Then I'm in school pm.  I reckon by this evening I will be more than ready to sleep soundly!

Better get moving.  It's early but I like an early start and, anyway, I need another coffee.  Have a lovely day.

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