Friday 17 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's Friday and, while not quite as sunny as recently, it's fresh and fine and bright outside.  I know the weather is due to change but, hopefully, there's time for another load of washing first!

Yesterday was lovely.  Restful, calm, peaceful and when I went into school everyone was bustling around, getting things ready for consultations with the parents, reminding me that although I loved talking with the parents, I did NOT love the rest of the package one little bit.  Another reminder of how lucky and happy I am now.

Once home, I managed to stay awake until a sensible bedtime, fell asleep over my kindle and, apart from a couple of trips down the landing, slept soundly all night, not waking until well after six this morning - which is a great lie-in for me.

Today I have kitchen stuff to get on with, some washing, drying and ironing and I need to rationalise my wardrobe which is chokka with things I am most unlikely to ever want to wear again.  The Sally Army recycling bin will be fed, I think.

So that's today.  I'd better get moving, seeing as it is half past nine and I'm not yet dressed.  Enjoy your day.

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