Saturday, 25 March 2017


Good morning.  It's an absolutely beautiful day today - clear blue skies and wall to wall sunshine, making me feel so happy and contented.

Yesterday was also very pleasant, despite being busy.  The bread was successful, as was the lemon curd and the four pots I made have now been distributed.  That's the main problem with lemon curd - it has a short life.  Three weeks max really.  So one pot for my parents, one for Beth, one for me and l who is staying with me next week and one for the lovely Sharon who was doing my hair and Beth's yesterday morning.

Later on I ate out with Mum and Dad and , after considerable dithering, had a 'Stinky Pete', a burger with bacon and stilton, onion relish and jalapenos.  I suppose the stinky bit is the stilton.  It came with fried and coleslaw and a brioche bun and it is delicious.  No, I couldn't finish it but I did make sure I finished the burger contents, if not the bun!

Today I will be off to a live link performance of Idomineo.  It's not an opera I know much about so I will need to do a bit of research!  Sung in the original Italian, so I can't even use the songs for clues as to the plot.  I know it's a bit complicated!

Hope you all have a super day and enjoy the sunshine.

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