Monday 6 March 2017


Good morning, and what a lovely morning it is too.  Sunny and fresh, it cheers my soul.
And today is always a pleasant day - Knitter Knatter Club and then in Foundation Stage for the afternoon.  Splendid.

Yesterday was also a good day (most of my days are nowadays) with Beth and Alex over for lunch and then Al went home while Beth and I worked together to make a couple of demo bags so she could take me through it step by step.

Today I have already made six pikelets from sourdough discard and some roasted cauliflower cheese soup from the leaves and stalks of a large cauliflower.  In a moment I shall poach an egg to have with some of my pikelets before bathing, dressing and more crafting.

Bliss . . .

Oh, and someone has sent me a recipe for sourdough muffins which I shall make at some point.  So kind, thank you.

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