Friday 3 March 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's turning out to be not a nice day, weather-wise, but I don't have to spend much time outside, so no problem!

Yesterday did turn out to be a very busy day, one way and another.  We (mostly Beth) worked very hard on the bags and the owls and they are nearly finished now.  I'll take some photos to show off when the recipients have received them.

It was fun in school.  Being World Book Day, the children had all dressed up as fairy tale or fantasy characters.  I played a game with my readers - I had to guess what character they were and what book they came from.  I was right about 50% of the time plus a few either/ors and one who frankly admitted he hadn't a clue, his mum got it for him!

Then it was quickly home to prepare for tuition and then quickly clearing up and off to the governors' meeting carrying a plate of biscuits I made in the morning.

I slept well!

Today I have been quite busy in the kitchen roasting a chicken and making some chorizo and bean stew to use up some chorizo I had left over after our girls' evening last Friday.  The house, of course, now smells wonderful!
Ready for the freezer (apart from the lid!)

Beth is over in a while to put the finishing touches to our creations and then this afternoon, I have a house to tidy, a kitchen to clean and some planning to do.  The diary is empty so I've got a free run.  Excellent!
Better get bathed and dressed then!

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