Thursday 9 March 2017


Morning, all!  It looks fine out there right now so I'm hopeful and will be hanging out my tea towels.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was good.  Nothing exciting happened and all I did was homey, cosy things like cooking, knitting, washing, etc.  Loving the life.

Well dressed top - shame about the lower half!  :-)

Today has turned out to be less predictable.  It was all set for my usual Thursday - housework/planning in the morning and Y2 reading in the afternoon when I was asked to do supply.  I really couldn't do this morning as I have planning for tuition this afternoon, but I said I would do the afternoon so it's all go getting things absolutely ready so I can rush away from school and be home by 3:30!
It's juniors (eeek) but a lovely class I had in Y2, so that's fine; I know them all which helps a lot (as will the pay!).

So today has turned into a more hectic day but I must be chilling a bit more about teaching.  I have no idea of the work sat but am thinking that it is just two hours so if the very worst happens (which it won't), it's not long and we will survive!  I might go on Twinkl and look for some English activities they could do, just in case, though.

So - I'd better love you and leave you and get organising.


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous cardi, did you just make that?

  2. Yes. It was a case of cast on and see where it takes me. :-)
    J x