Wednesday 6 April 2016


Good morning, everyone.  Round here it's a cool, semi-clear morning although too early to tell what the weather will be today.  BBC weather thinks that it will be fine today although tomorrow looks pretty horrendous with quite a lot of rain.  Ah, well, so that's allotment (ouch, ouch) today and indoorsy stuff tomorrow.

Yesterday I had a lot of starter so made around eight pikelets, six of which are now stored in the freezer.  As I have more today, I think it will be pikelet day - breakfast and lunch.  They're so delicious: at the weekend I shared the recipe with a friend and she and her boys now love them.  As I've said before, it is worth keeping sourdough starter simply for the discard side-products.

Down the allotment, I managed to trim one pathway with my new shears and dig over a patch of soil before the back protested and the foot/ankle started giving me hassle.  Little and often is the name of the game, I think, and gradually the stamina will build.  Beth finished digging over the potato patch and after I had gone she planted some mange tout which is exciting.  The potatoes are doing whatever potatoes need to do on her window ledge at the moment.  I have no idea what she will be wanting me to work at today but I am sure it will be hard work!

I managed to get the cushion cover finished and all it needs now, like the first one, is buttons.  I will have to take a trip into town to the market at some point or maybe it is an ideal excuse to visit And Sew On again.  I need to go anyway - I have decided to make a tablecloth with large patchwork squares a bit like this only with larger squares and in colours that tone with the furnishings, of course.
From Google Images.
It won't be quilted but I think I will line it - double cost but better, so worth doing.

Today is the aforementioned allotment and I need to make some more oaty biscuits as I'm right out.  In fact, I might do them when I have finished this as they are very quick and easy and can bake while I am getting the kitchen ready for the day.

After coffee, of course!

Today's food:
B:  poached egg on pikelets
L:  pikelets with soft cheese and chutney, apple
D:  the rest of the pasta with the rest of the sauce made yesterday - I might add some chick peas or other beans to it.  Then yogurt.


  1. Chitting is what potatoes do. Sprouting from the 'eyes'. Jx

  2. Yeah, that's the word. I couldn't remember it. Beth's the expert in the team! :-)
    Thanks for the link.
    J x