Friday 22 April 2016


Friday already!  Time flies when you are enjoying yourself!  Last year I was rather filled with dread as the SATs approached - an thus unknown quantity as I had managed to escape these nasty things apart from the optional tests in Y4 which were quite bad enough, thank you.

Anyway, I really appreciate going to bed and waking up in the morning without a heavy stone of apprehension sinking to the depths of my being.  I have a deep sympathy for my colleagues who have to go through this annual . . . well, I won't use the word I was thinking of but I guess you get my meaning.

Suffice it to say, I enjoyed waking up this morning thinking 'What shall I do today?' rather than knowing exactly what I would be doing to the very last full stop.  It sounds aimless but it isn't, it is just packed with possibilities!

This isn't a pity party, far from it, but please be nice to any teachers.  Between assessments, SATs and reports it is a very difficult time of year.

So, yesterday was great.  We got the grass cut at the allotment and I learnt how to put the back down in my car - had to because of transporting the lawn mower!  The allotment now looks a whole lot better, simply because the grass at the front is cut.  It's not great, being bumpy and coarse textured, but so, so much neater.
Not all the allotments on the site are beautifully cared for and lots are in a worse condition than ours was, but where we are there are loads of neat, lovingly cared for plots that look fantastic and one doesn't like feeling like a sore thumb!

Before heading off for the allotment I had to tidy out the car to make room for the mower as well as the sundry tools already there so now it's a lot neater in the boot.  Unfortunately, it's all rather mucky so my first task today is to search for a small cordless hoover type thing on Amazon.  It is long overdue for a clean anyway and I no longer have the excuse of over-work!

Other tasks on the list include a tidy up (cleaners coming pm), some ironing, some baking, a bit of gardening and some crochet/knitting.  Later on I might get the sewing machine out!

Today's food:
B:  scrambled egg, apple
L:  egg salad, flavoured yogurt
D: chicken curry and rice, stewed rhubarb and strawberries with natural yogurt

Edited to add:
Of course, after posting this I go and read that the SPaG tests have been cancelled this year after the spelling list leak.  That will be some relief but there's still two maths and two reading papers.

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  1. Wondering whether you might take some pix so folk can admire your efforts on the allotment. Jx