Wednesday 13 April 2016


I'm a bit bleary eyed after a very late night (late for me, I mean), so I'll keep this short.

Yesterday was lovely.  It was nice to get back into school and read with the little ones and I did some baking in the afternoon.  The evening saw me at the Hare having a good meal and chat.

Today is allotment morning so fingers crossed for better weather than yesterday morning.

Today's food:
B:  toast, etc, fruit
L:  soup, yogurt
D:  haven't decided yet.

I need my coffee!


  1. The day here has t made its mind up weather wise. I've been up an hour already! Fully blame the HG who gets up at 6 for work. Once I'm awake, generally that's it!!!

  2. I'm just off to the allotment clutching a flask of coffee and some biccies! Have a great day.
    J x