Monday 4 April 2016


It's an early start for me today.  After several mornings of sleeping past seven o'clock, I am back to my normal pattern of waking between four and five.  There's a difference though.  The heating is not on and it's nowhere near as chilly as a short time ago.  The weather has been gorgeous over the weekend.  Yesterday was so sunny and warm that I threw open all the windows including the two French windows and drenched the house in fresh air.  It was lovely.

What wasn't so lovely was the accompanying sneezes.  Pollen, I expect, and I must take some of my antihistamine tablets if it starts up again today.  A bit early but then everything has been a bit early this year.

Beth came round for lunch and then set to, sewing up the last few owls.  Sadly, she needed to pop off earlier than we had expected but never mind, I sat in my TV chair and watched 'stuff' while continuing to knit the latest aran cushion cover.  Annoyingly, I noticed a mistake several pattern sets down so had to do an unpick job which was frustrating but there you go, if I will make mistakes . . .  I have caught up and gone past now.

Today, when I have finished this entry, I will make the most of the early start and pootle off into the kitchen to sort out the sourdough and make some pikelets with the discard.  That will sort out most of my breakfast.  I hope to meet Beth at the allotment at some point, weather permitting, and then there's more knitting and sewing to do plus the spare room beds to make up for guests.  A nice, happy, predictable day.

(I hope that's not famous last words!)

Today's food:
B:  pikelets and a poached egg
L:  pasta with a tomato vegetable sauce
D:  sausages, oven chips and a salad

Have a great day.


  1. On the final push now to my holidays! And I've a bonus day off! On Friday! Our wonderful head recognised all the hard work n covering the TAs in our school do ( not to mention the £££££ we save em in supply costs ) so gave us a day off!!

  2. How fantastic - I presume it is paid. Is that this coming Friday or have you already had it? Your holiday will be starting just as ours round here finish!
    J x

  3. No its fully paid! It's Fri 8th April and we are going to a gig in Manchester so I can have a day of pampering and getting ready!!

  4. Excellent! A great way to use a gift day!
    J x