Monday 25 April 2016


. . . and it is still jolly cold.  Far too cold for the end of April.  I have plants I want to get out and I can't which is somewhat frustrating!  Come to that, I want to sit out with a coffee and a book and wile away the time but I can't!  Huh!

Yesterday was also chilly but it was a lovely day.  I made black cherry jam first thing and started on the roast dinner.  Beth had macaroni cheese, being vegetarian and, though I say it myself, Thermione and I make a great partnership where macaroni cheese is concerned (and I refuse to call it mac'n'cheese - shudder).

After finishing all the preparations I had a nice lazy morning.  I had a nice afternoon too but not quite so lazy as Beth arrived with socks so we made some more tonk sock cats!

In fact, I was lazy most of the day but that's OK, one is allowed to on ones birthday, isn't one!

Today I shall have coffee with a friend and take her the jam I made for her plus some marmalade and two tonk cats.  Then it is home to bake the weekly bread and to crochet some more.  Oh, and to boil up the turkey carcass (OK, turkey crown carcass) for some stock for tonight's meal!

What a life, eh, what a life!

Today's food
B:  Toast with jam
L:  turkey salad
D:  Probably turkey risotto.  I haven't had risotto for ages and I do love it!


  1. Happy slightly belated Birthday!

  2. Back to work for me! Best get a wriggle on!

  3. I agree with you on the mac'n'cheese I too refuse to use the term

  4. Many thanks, Chrissie!
    Good luck, Rachel, I hope it's a pleasant first day back.
    Diane - we're getting old!!! :-)
    J x

  5. Lazy day?? I'd call it anything but! :-) However, as it was filled with things you love doing it must have been a good one! Roast turkey dinner, yumm!!
    Black cherry jam is one of my favourites! Did you have them in the freezer?

  6. I bought them from Sainsbury's, Annabeth. They do a great range of frozen fruit, sometimes on spacial (but not this time!)
    I suppose lazy is comparative. I feel my life is very easy now, compared with this time last year, for example, with SATs looming large on the horizon, assessments galore and this never ending school reports.
    Compared to then I am having some very lazy days! It's lovely!
    J x

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