Sunday 17 April 2016


Morning all!  Such a lovely, sunny day this morning so I have washing in the machine in order to make the most of it.  There was a heavy frost but that's more or less gone now.

Yesterday was one of those 'nothing' days.  Shopping, the lads came to do some gardening, beds were made up and then I made soup followed by knitting/crocheting until my guests arrived.  I have to get going with little things as I think Beth and I will be doing a stall in Southend as a friend asked us the other day and I'm not sure how much we have.  I'm crocheting little bags and key rings to start with.  We also have quilted bags and bunting.

Thank you, Google Images.
I think next week at some point I want to take another trip to And Sew On.  Buttons are top of the list, closely pursued by Fabric For A Tablecloth!  Also it's a nice trip and a nice place.  Fingers crossed for good weather.

I've offered to make some 'refreshments' for a meeting in June so I shall be doing some googling to get ideas.  I already have plenty but it's always fun to have new ideas too.

Today Beth is over for lunch and we shall be tidying up recent transactions, making a few plans, etc.  Nice.

That's about it really.

Today's menu:
B:  poached egg on toast, apple
L:  jacket potato with cheese, salad, yogurt
T:  leek and potato soup, orange


  1. I absolutely adore buttons! I think it stems from being allowed to play with my Beloved Nanna's button box when I was little. I'd love to sort them into shapes and colours. Hours of fascination. They e some HELLISH expensive ones in Hobbycraft but absolutely gorgeous with it. I mainly just stroke those. And sigh.

  2. I seem to remember in the dim and distance past having a biscuit tin full of button but who knows what ever happened to them.

  3. They are often so shockingly expensive nowadays but there are some real works of art to be had if you can afford them! I love buttons.
    My mum had a tin of buttons too and, like Rachel, I would sit for hours sorting them. When she recycled old shirts, etc, she always cut off the buttons and kept them.
    I tried making my own buttons with Fimo but, although they looked good, they weren't strong enough, sadly.
    J x