Wednesday 20 April 2016


. . . and the sun is still shining his socks off!  Nice one!  There's also another frost but we won't worry about that too much.  I'm just glad I haven't put out any seeds yet.

Yesterday didn't quite go according to plan in that I got an email saying that the mower would be delivered today (i.e. yesterday), not tomorrow (i.e. today!) so I rushed a quick email off to school to say sorry, I'll be in if I can but . . .  Of course, true to postie's law, it didn't come until well after the end of school so I could have gone in but you can bet your bottom penny that if I had gone in it would have been delivered while I was out!

It was quite exciting, unwrapping it but one look at the rather minimalistic instructions convinced me that two heads are better than one so Beth's coming here after the allotment time and we will sort it out together.  So now I have a living room filled with two huge boxes, assorted bits of paper and polythene and a lawn mower.

Also delivered was my new extra-loud-for-old-deffies alarm clock which certainly is loud!  It also has a shaky thing that you put under the mattress.  I wonder if one ends up on the floor if one doesn't silence the alarm quickly enough!  It was delivered, with a new splatterguard, in the other huge box that is now lying around!  I almost took a photo and now I wish I had.  They must have smaller boxes than that for two small items, surely!

While looking for wheelbarrows online I found the perfect one.  Perfect for me and Beth, I mean.  Not too big, stable, pullable, great for narrow spaces . . . and it looks nothing like a wheelbarrow.  We might even get two!  Here is it!
Image result for pink work cart keter
What do you mean, does it have to be pink?  Of course it has to be pink.  And if they don't have pink in the shop, I will order online, so there!

To my great delight, I have sold two owl key rings so I set to and made them.  The one in the photo has a wonky beak and wonky eyes so I won't be selling him!  I must work to make several for our next craft stall which is the second week in May in Southend.  More about that in due course!

While all that was going on I was trying an experiment in my yogurt maker.  It's not an Easiyo, far from it, but I tried one of the Easiyo flavoured sachets (toffee!) just to see if it worked because they have some lovely flavours and you know what - it did work!  I have a lot of yogurt to eat up now so it's just as well Beth is here for lunch.

Today I have to go to the bank first thing to sort something out and to make sure they understand that phone calls don't work for me.  Then I might whizz to B&Q to see if they have a pink wheelbarrow thing before ending up at the allotment for another couple of hours of hard labour!  After that Beth is coming home with me and we will combine brains to put the mower together.

I should sleep well tonight!

Today's food:
B  stewed rhubarb and strawberries with yogurt
L:  beans on toast, toffee yogurt
D:  I have a jar of curry sauce that needs using up, plus assorted veg, so I will make a bog standard chicken and veg curry.  It'll make enough for several portions!

I have some marmalade (of the Ma Made variety) on the make so I'd better go and give it a stir.  Have a good day and may the sun shine on you.


  1. Hi Joy - love the wheelbarrow!! B&Q do 'click and collect' so may save you the trouble of stopping by if not stocked.

  2. What a great idea, thank you! I will do that. I think I might get one for home too!
    J x

  3. Sounds like you have a full day planned hope it all goes off well. Love the wheel barrow

  4. It was all a bit upsy downsy but all sorted now, thanks. I think it is a most sensible wheelbarrow, much better than the conventional kind.
    J x