Saturday 2 April 2016


Good morning and apologies for the lateness.  Just a quick one on this lovely, gloriously sunny morning.

I've been busy with the doggie coat and it is now nearly finished.  I feel a deep uncertainty about making it from measurements I haven't taken myself and not being able to check as I go along but fingers crossed that it will be OK and my customer likes what I have done.

After a facebook chat about sourdough yesterday, I have started a loaf and am keeping my fingers crossed.  I know the starter is good, a friend has made this recipe many times and swears by it so fingers crossed.  I'm not sure why my sourdough loaves aren't working but maybe something will click.  It's the waste that worries me really.  It may be only flour, water and salt, but even so, that's more than some in this unequal world are certain to have.

So today's loaf is in its banneton, covered and in front of the window in the warm sun, slowly, oh so slowly growing.  It will be late this afternoon before it can go in the oven, I think.  OPatience, Joy, patience.

Today's food is more or less like yesterday's as there are plenty of leftovers.  So . . .
B:  Pikelets and fried tomatoes (much nicer fried than raw at the moment)
L: Tomato soup and apple
D:  Chicken curry with rice, oranges.

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