Sunday, 24 April 2016


It's raining outside.  Even though it is still very dark, you can see the rain running down the window panes.  Maybe it will clear up later - I do hope so because I will have washing to hang out. if possible.

Yesterday was a really pleasant day.  In the morning I went shopping, first to Hobbycraft to get a few bits and bobs where I ended up with a few more things than I had anticipated including a lovely pack of fat quarters, all different toning shades of blue.  I do have an idea of what to make with them too.

Then I went on to Sainsbury's, seeing as that is fairly close by and had a lovely time going up and down the aisles.  I haven't been there for ages so I had a good time.  I treated myself to a car bash while I was in the shop and it was lovely to come out to a sparkling clean car.  So, of course, it's rained!!!

When I got home I pootled around for a while before settling down to crocheting some more key rings.  I've got the owl pattern/making right now so it's just a case of making plenty for the two fairs we have coming up..
Here are the ones I made for a friend.  In Hobbycraft, I picked up some likely looking beads for beaks and that's what I am now using rather than stitching on the beak.

As well as the owls, I have found a pattern for a heart which, when I do two, stitch them together and stuff them, look great as a key ring.  I've decided to stitch on something nice and shiny too so I guess it is back to Hobbycraft soon to get some.  They sell beads by the pot full, like a choose your own salad or pick n'mix sweets.  The pots look tiny but it is surprising how many beads you can cram in, if you are careful!

Later on, after my friend had arrived, we started something we have promised we will do and that is to watch the Harry Potter films straight through.  Yesterday we managed the first two and we're carrying on next week, which is going to be a sort of celebration!  More about that later on.

Today, Beth and Alex arrive for a Sunday dinner.  Alex and I are having roast turkey and I am making macaroni cheese for Beth.  With it we are having roast potatoes, carrots, sweet potato and parsnip and some nice looking cabbage.  Beth is bringing a birthday cake for dessert.  What I like about a roast dinner is that once you have done the preparations it just cooks itself until nearly the end.  I can make the macaroni cheese good and early too and finish it off in the last half hour.

After that I guess the sewing machine and the knitting needles and crochet hooks will come out and it will be clickety-stitch for the afternoon.

Sounds very pleasant, doesn't it?

So, today's food.
B:  Toast and marmalade
D: roast turkey with the trimmings, roasted pots, carrots, sweet pots and parsnip and steamed cabbage, followed by cake.  Might have a bit of the macaroni cheese too!
T:  Most likely a turkey salad with the leftovers.

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