Tuesday 19 April 2016


The sun may have decided that he needed needed a bit more sleep for a while but even so, yesterday was lovely!

We're going great guns at the allotment.  Yesterday saw us both weeding and digging for all we were worth and it's looking so much better.  When I got home there was an email saying that the mower would be delivered on Wednesday.  In a way that's a pain because we had planned more allotmenteering then but never mind, I shall wait in for the mower and once it is all charged up and ready, we will tackle the grassy areas and that will make such a HUGE difference to the look of the place.  I know it's not about looks solely but there's no doubt, a nicely neat allotment is a pleasure to behold.
In between times we sat under the tree drinking coffee and munching on fresh made muffins and another allotment holder came over to chat and have a muffin too.  Bliss
I was rewarded with four sticks of rhubarb - the first of the year!

The afternoon meeting was great too.  It's the first time I have say at that sort of meeting as a 'visitor' rather than staff and it was an interesting experience.  Good discussion, positive outcomes.  What more could you ask?

Today is also full of good stuff.  Sharon is coming to do hair this morning and in the afternoon I will be going to hear the readers I would have heard this morning but can't because of hair.

I'm enjoying my second mug of coffee and then I shall go and sort out the kitchen which is a bit of a mess.

Have a good day, readers.


  1. Enjoy your day. The sun is finally shining Oop North and the washer is on. I am going to tackle some of the garden and pull up the weeds from the front! But not till I've had a lie in my warm comfy bed and watched the third part of Victoria's children! Fascinating programme. I LOVE being off!!

  2. I enjoyed that series of programmes too. As you say, absolutely fascinating.
    Being off is fabulous! :-)
    J x