Thursday 7 April 2016


Is it really Thursday already?  This week is passing frighteningly quickly.  I'm sure it was only Monday yesterday!  There's a watery sun out there but a pinkish-greyish sky and I think it won't be long before we have rain.

Yesterday was a typical April day, all showers, wind and some sun.  It also turned quite cold at one point and then the hail fell quite hard for a short time.

We ended up not going to the allotment because it was raining.  Apart from the getting wet bit, the soil is quite heavy and it's no fun trying to turn it when it is so wet.  We will go again in the next few days.

Instead, I made my oaty biscuits (always delicious and so, so easy to make) and also I made a no knead loaf of which I have blogged on Teacher's Recipes.
As John Torode would say, it's a lovely, thing - or it was.  Half is now in the freezer and the other half is pretty well gone the way of all good bread!
As it came out so well, now I have a granary/wholemeal one on the make.  I started it yesterday evening and I'm just warming it up close to the radiator.  It's not quite as bubbly as the white was but even so, it looks promising.  It seems to be a flexible process so I will do the last bit in my own time.

Today one pair of visitors leave and another comes so I need to sort out a bedroom this morning.  I also need to make some soda bread and this time I am using some home made yogurt rather than buttermilk which does work out quite expensive.  I gather it works really well so fingers crossed.

Well, in the time it has taken to write all this the sun has vanished and the clouds are gathering.  It's just as well I don't have too much outside stuff to do today.

Today's food:
B:  marmite on toast, apple
L:  celery soup (I promised my guest I would make some and I do have some celery that ought to be used up.
D:  fish and chips.  From the chippie!  Yay!


  1. The loaf looks great did you use halogen or normal oven?

  2. I used normal. I meant to use halogen but forgot. I will next time.
    Oh, the trials of getting old!
    J x