Sunday 10 April 2016


It's a bright and frosty morning out there today.  I thought it was cold when I drowsily came to for a few moments much earlier and snuggled more cosily under my quilt!  Hopefully this is signalling a bright sunny day which will be nicer after yesterday's dull and dismal-ness.

I did a lot of knitting yesterday and am on track to finish my current cushion cover today, fingers crossed.  I really MUST start looking for buttons.  I will need sixteen of them - no, twenty - because I am doing four covers for myself and then there's the cushion I have made for someone else too.
I meant to post this the other day and forgot.  This is the latest pattern.  There's a lot more of it now, of course!

Today my friend is back and Beth and Alex are round for lunch.  That's about it - a nice, restful day with making dinner the only pressure!  I can live with that.

My meals.
B:  probably egg on toast
D:  cottage or vegetable pie with assorted veg followed by some yogurt
T:  some kind of salad - tuna or egg based.  I will ask my friend.


  1. Lovely yarn and a very nice pattern - currently I am knitting with chunky which is horrid as the needles are the size of telegraph poles. I must admit that I don't like anything heavier than DK and actually prefer 4ply.

  2. That's a lovely colour and a lovely pattern. I'm on with that M&S cushion kit but I am hating the wooden needles. I munch prefer my metal ones. I find the yarn us far too slippy on them - which doesn't make sense!! I'm doing full roast chicken dinner today. Might do it at lunch time. No Sunday night feelings for me!

  3. I quite like chunky, it grows so quickly but I also much prefer metal needles.
    Looking forward to seeing your cushion, Rachel, and have a lovely first day of your holidays.
    J x