Thursday 14 April 2016


Phew - I'm back to normal now, sleep-wise, after a busy day and a great night's sleep.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day yesterday with wall to wall sunshine for most of the day.  It made working on the allotment much more pleasant that it would otherwise have been and we got quite a lot done as well as making a list of Things We Need To Get!

One of the priorities is a battery lawn mower.  It can't be too heavy but it has to be robust.  There's no power at the allotment and neither of us is strong enough to use a push along on fairly bumpy ground.  We're researching at the moment in hopes that we can get one soon.  There's also a number of smaller things, a few of which we got when we went to Homebase in the afternoon  slug pellets, twine, gloves, etc.

In between allotment and Homebase, we set to and packaged up all the owls and they should soon be flying to their forever homes, if they aren't already.

After that I set to and baked soda bread and muffins.

So it was all go.  No wonder I was tired by the evening.

Today is another busy day.  A meeting at school first thing and two hours of tuition in the late afternoon.  Al and I hope to have a rootle around Hobbycraft at some point so that should be fun.

B:  pikelet and poached egg, apple
L:  probably toast and scrambled egg, yogurt
D:  Tuna salad with oven chips


  1. I need to get my gardening urge on, I just can't seem to get motivated. There's things popping up all over, my tulips are almost in full bloom and my peonies have woken up. But there's. So much debris to clear, I need to get up in the right frame of mind and set to. I'm sure I will, but not today! Looks like heavy rains coming.

  2. It did here. And hail! Not at all nice. I was over the road doing tuition having left some stuff on the washing line so it was lucky that I have a friend visiting who courageously dashed out and got soaked bringing in the washing.
    J x

  3. Friday's post seems to have vanished.

  4. You saw it too - I know I sent one but it just disappeared. I have no idea what happened. Back to normal tomorrow, hopefully.
    J x