Tuesday 12 April 2016


Good morning.

It's not nice out there - very wet at the moment and looking as if it is set to continue for a while.  However, looking at the forecast, it is expected to clear up before I am due to meet Beth at the allotment so fingers crossed.

Yesterday was a busy-ish day but very pleasant apart from waking up at the unholy hour of before four!  That's not good and I paid for it later on with two irresistible snoozes.  After I'd done the internet usuals I managed to got back to sleep and slept through the alarm for about ten minutes.  Today I slept through for about 40 minutes.  Not good: either my alarm is losing its voice or my hearing is deteriorating and I suspect the latter.  I'm googling for 'very loud alarm clock' in order to get something better.  I don't often need my alarm clock nowadays, but I do sometimes.

Al and I went to the quilts exhibition at Hylands House and it was lovely.  I could have done with another visit as you get a bit brain dead after looking at a certain number of quilts and you will be pleased to know that I resisted the various fabrics and supplies that were on sale.  I did have a go at the raffle and, to my delight, won a lovely hand made drawstring bag which I want to deconstruct to see how it is made.

I took some photos but they haven't come out that well as the lighting wasn't always that good and I didn't like to use flash.  The quilts were lovely and the photos don't do them justice.

This is one that I really liked.  Each piece of the windmills has been cut from the same part of the pattern on the fabric to give different effects, sometimes of curved lines, of a flower, of three dimension or of movement and there's also a pattern to the arrangement of the background colours.  Much more clever than you would think at first sight.
After looking at the quilts, we treated ourselves to a restorative mug of coffee from the stable block cafe and the muffins and biscuits I had brought from home before leaving.

Once home I set to and made bread.  School's in again and it's back to baking for my customers.  I have to say, after faffing around with other kinds of bread, it was really nice to get back to my good, faithful, basic bread again.

While talking about bread, Thrifty Lesley has been investigating in her own individual way and has come up with a soda bread that uses sparkling water.  I'm not sure but I will give it a go and see how it works out.  I don't keep sparkling water 'on tap', so to speak so will get some this morning.  The value water is very reasonably priced and I like it as a 'treat' sometimes.

Before that, I am due in school today to share books with the littlest ones.  It will be nice to see them again.

Today's food:
B:  Toast and poached egg
L:  Not sure - maybe a soup from the freezer
D:  Out to the Hare with friends


  1. I am going to make soft baps today ( always makes me giggle ). I've been on a trip to Asda and bought nothing exciting. Some Spring greens, some bleach and box of multi vitamins! But the fact that I could go in the day on a Tuesday made it exciting!

  2. A nice, normal, at home day is always exciting when one works full time. How did the baps turn out? :-)
    J x

  3. Hangs head in shame. They didn't turn out because I never made them!!

  4. < grin > That's OK - you're on holiday!
    J x