Saturday 16 April 2016


Good morning.  Again, apologies for yesterday's disappearance.  I have a feeling the disappearance was my fault in that I had the message open twice, managed to clear one of the windows and then hit the wrong button.  I think . . .

Yesterday started off lovely and sunny and disintegrated into heavy rain just as we came out of Hobbycraft.  You will, I am sure, be relieved that I didn't do anything that would challenge my bank manager's good nature while in Hobbycraft.  I was very reasonable despite the fact that I could quite happily have bought up half the shop!

I had to get my friend to the station later on and, between rush hour and rain, Chelmsford centre was pretty gridlocked.  I am very glad we left loads and loads of time or we would have been panicking.  It took nearly 90 minutes to do a run that would normally take 20 at the most.  I am so glad that my chosen career did not require that sort of travel.

Today I have another pair of friends coming for the night so I have to do a quick bed change and make sure I have enough of the right foods in.  Then I have a whole stack of washing which will just have to dry indoors if it's too damp outside and some tidying up to do.

Today's food:
B:  porridge and maple syrup
L:  leek and potato soup
D:  savoury rice with chicken and loadsa veg, yogurt

Coffee first though!