Saturday 30 April 2016


Morning, all!  Welcome to the last day of April, jolly cold with a slight frost, dry and the skies are clear.

It was a busy day yesterday.  Because I had visitors for lunch yesterday, I did a bit of a clear out, baked bread and biscuits and generally bustled around getting things in order.  Lunch was lovely, lots of catch up chat and their little daughter was a delight.  They liked the crocheted cardigan (phew).

After they'd gone I had a bit of rest and relaxation and got on with more crochet which was lovely.  I was intrigued by the term 'virus shawl' so looked it up, found a pattern and had a go.  I rather like it so think I will finish it as a shawl for those cooler summer evenings which means ordering some more yarn as it was from Deramores, not Hobbycraft.  While it's coming I shall be getting on with making key rings for the next stall.

Today Sonja is coming and we have promised ourselves a Harry Potter fest!  I shall be cooking a favourite old dish, apple and chicken stir fry.  Looking forward to it very much indeed.

Today's food:
B:  toast and pate (leftovers from yesterday)
L:  probably soup
D:  apple and chicken stir fry with new potatoes and broccoli, grapes (more leftovers!)

Time for coffee, I think and, as I seem to have done something minor to my back, it can wash down a couple of ouch-killers!
Have a good day!


  1. How's your Saturday going? I'm making a beef curry for tea here. From scratch! Mouthwatering already! I dug some sirloin steak out of the oven for it, such decadence!

  2. It's rather good, thanks. S and I are part way through the third Harry Potter film and we've both tanked up with some home made oat bread (an experiment and really delicious! and butter and - er - a G&T. Well, we are celebrating!
    Sirloin, eh - how delicious. Enjoy it!
    What's your recipe, please?
    J x