Saturday 9 April 2016


Good morning!  It is chilly and damp out there but too dark to see what's really going on.  If we have another day like yesterday it will be good - glorious sunshine with spells of clouding over from time to time.  It was lovely.

What else was lovely was the trip to Cressing Temple.  How I have never heard of it or been to visit it before, I have no idea!  It's an 'ancient monument' one of the earliest possessions of the Knights Templar which has three Grade I listed Medieval barns, one of which is the oldest standing timber-framed barn in the world as well as a reconstructed Elizabethan walled garden which is lovely.

One barn is completely empty, a real 'wow' place, absolutely enormous.  The other has a museum display and a scaffolding so that you can see the old timbers at close sight.  It's all very touchy-feely with only a few of the exhibits in the whole site roped off.

I took some photos, of course, although the battery ran out as we entered the walled garden which means that, of course, I shall have to go back there again!

The rest of today's entries consists of some photos I took with occasional comments

Such old timber with built in woodworm!

A Victorian craftsman's initials (I think).

There's a blacksmith's shop . . .

. . . and a wheelwright's.

This is straight - honest.  Lovely wonky walls!

It doesn't show up too well but this upstairs floor is very uneven - look at where it meets the side.

A beautiful one room building containing a well.

Inside the bread oven in the baker's shop - thank goodness for flash photography because it was extremely dark.

The wheat barn (I think)

The only photo I got of the walled garden.

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