Monday 18 April 2016


Hello, gentle readers.  Another new week begins and the weather is fine but chilly.  No frost today though.

Yesterday was glorious.  In the afternoon we ended up with the French window open to clear the stuffiness.  Then, of course, it felt too cold!

We had a good afternoon, Beth and I.  Firstly we did some reckoning up and sorted out who owed what.  Then we booked allotment times this week.  If we don't do that, other things get in the way and allotment has to be a priority at the moment.

On the same theme, we went onto Amazon and ploughed some money into a likely looking cordless lawn mower.  It's getting something of a priority to get the grass at the front of our patch into some sort of order so, hopefully, what we have ordered will do the job nicely, fingers crossed.  It will be hard work at first but once the long grass is sorted, it should be a once a week haircut and that's all.

We also did an audit of what we have for our stall and, what with things left over from last year and things we have made recently, we actually have a fair amount.  One can always do with more, of course, so Beth settled down to finish off a table runner and I made an owl key ring.  Last time I tried this pattern I got into a terrible muddle, but this time it was fine.    Here's what I made.

The beak isn't quite right and it's in the wrong place but I sorted that out on the next one which came out, oddly enough, much smaller even though it's all double knitting.

When I got the washing in I looked at the main flower bed and it's a right mess.  The bulbs were wonderful this year but it's always a pain afterwards when the leaves are starting to die back.  One of these days I will lose patience and chop them back.  The Japanese anemone is coming up nicely and will be a picture again this year, I am sure.  It's better than it was before Sim worked on it on Saturday though.
Oh, dear!
However, the tayberry is looking more hopeful than it ever has.  I'm looking for the day when I can train the shoots along the fence.  Quite a change from the last photo where you needed a magnifying glass to see much!

In the evening I got stuck into more ironing so I have an empty basket.  That's not bad for a Monday morning, is it.

Today it is allotment this morning and then a wash and spruce up before I pop off to an afternoon meeting in school.   No visitors though, for the first time in quite a while.  The house will seem very quiet and I will enjoy having 'me' time.

Today's food:
B:  Egg on toast, apple
L:  jacket spud and salad (leftovers from yesterday), yogurt
D:  Chicken wrapped in bacon and baked with some vegetables and, maybe, a few oven chips, orange


  1. Sounds like a good fulfilling day. I really need to get on with my garden

  2. I think I am finally getting into a retirement pattern. At any rate it doesn't feel as aimless as it used to, if I wasn't in school. Life goes on! :-)
    Good luck with your garden.
    J x

  3. I'm will g your tayberry one! I think a weekly photograph is in order! It'll be good to see the time lapse differences!

  4. Thanks. I reckon it is immortal. It was killed off at first when I left it in the delivery pot and forgot about it, it was weeded twice and the second time some of the roots were dug up too. And still it persists. It is Meant To Be, predestined . . .
    J x