Wednesday 27 April 2016


It's still jolly cold out there this morning but the sun is shining for all it is worth so it might warm up later.

After a pleasant morning in school yesterday, Beth came round and we went through our fabric stash.  It's probably a good thing to do now and again to remind one of what one has.  We also took the opportunity to sort them into colour piles and to was some fat quarters that had obviously been tucked away without washing.  I shall hang them out to dry this morning.

Does anyone else find Creme de la Creme really boring and monotonous?  At one point even one of the contestants said 'I want Mary Berry' and, while, in fact, it was because she'd just been slated by the judges, I know what she means.  Mary would add a touch of colour and character to what seems to me to be rather grey and dull.
Personally I'd like to see those three judges put into that situation in a hot studio, under time pressure and see them do any better.  They are really horrible at times.  In most shows, for every 'nasty' judge, there are several others who state their opinions more gently and kindly - in other words, it is balanced.  This isn't.

Enough of that.  Beth and I were going to the market today but Beth is somewhat shattered after her last TMA which she has just sent off so we're going on Friday instead.  I think I will take the opportunity to Sort The House Out today because it's in a terrible mess, one way and another.  I'm feeling the energy although whether I will feel the same after an hour of housework remains to be seen.

I finished the little cardigan yesterday and it looks great but way too big for the little lass who is the recipient so I have started another one using a smaller hook and that's coming out much better.  One good thing about having the sort of 'stall' that Kitty Stitches has is that things like that can go up for sale!  It's going to be a real bits and bobs stall this time!  The pattern has given me a few ideas to try out as well, so it's all good.

Well, better go and get dressed, have breakfast and get going or half the day will be gone and I will have achieved not a lot.   Thank goodness it's bin collection tomorrow.

Have a gread day and stay warm.


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