Tuesday 23 February 2016


Good morning again.  It feels jolly cold outside and I'm glad of the shelter and warmth of my home.  At the moment today's batch of discard crumpets are slowly rising and cooking in their rings on the hob.  They take for ever, do crumpets, and it is sorely tempting to make the much easier and faster pikelets but today, crumpets it is!  It is day 5 of the sourdough starter so in a couple of days I can stop the daily feeding and go on to a now and again feed and also start making sourdough bread.  I gather it won't taste all that sourdough-y because the starter is very young but one has to start somewhere!
Nice looking bread from Google Images.
Yesterday afternoon I went into another school to act as 'witness' to a world record attempt at the most people taking part in a book quiz simultaneously.  Where do they think these things up?
It was part of World Book Day celebrations and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done, everybody!

I then set to and made bread.  It was a bit of an experiment because I didn't really have time, but I decided to do just the one rise which made it possible.  It rose well and the loaves look magnificent on the outside so fingers crossed for the inside too.  Mr Hollywood would be turning in his grave, I am sure.

Talking of him, I really enjoyed Mary Berry's 'Foolproof cooking' last night.  That chicken pot pie looked fantastic and I must have a go at it, including the lattice top.  I'm not exactly sure how they got the top onto the pie but, dear me, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
The more I watch the programme, the more I want the book!  Oh, dear!

Today, once the crumpets are done and I am washed and dressed I will be going into school.  My Tuesday contract has come to an end now and I have promised someone I will hear readers for a while.  Then I need to top up with a few veg and I have heard that Lidl has a special on veg this week so I'll give it a go and see what they have.

That's about it really.  Plenty of time to continue getting some order into my dump of a bedroom!

Today's menu:
B:  crumpet with poached egg, fruit yogurt
L:  there's a little bit of curry left over from last night, not much but it will do for lunch with some fruit for afterwards
D:  Not sure yet.  I need to look in the freezer.

I wonder if the crumpets are done yet.


  1. The recipe for the chicken lattice pie is on google. MB says to cool the crust before sliding it onto the pie. I would be tempted to slide it off the paper onto a non-stick baking tray and freeze it for a bit to really firm it up and then try to slide it off the tray directly onto the pie filling. I think it needs to be cut exactly so it just fits inside the pie dish. (I did notice that liquid was leeking out during the baking..;-)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. :-) I noticed that too but I think it's nice to have a bit of leakage. Thanks for the info.
    J x