Wednesday 24 February 2016


Brrrrr . . . another very cold morning, cold enough for dressing gown and slippers.  Cold enough, I suspect, for putting the heating up.  Until this winter, as I have usually been out on weekdays, I have the heating set to lower than comfortable during the day because there's no point heating up an empty house.  This year I have kept the setting the same and put the heating up only if really necessary.
I think today might be one of those days!
Wouldn't mind one of these on a day like today!
I enjoyed yesterday morning.  In school all morning hearing children read in FS.  It was lovely!  No pressures, just time with the children.

After that, at home, I baked and then got on with some clearing out and some crocheting.  Nice and relaxing.

Today I have no set plans until this evening when there's an important school governors' meeting which is likely to go on - and on - and on . . .

Better have a little sleep this afternoon!

Today's food:
B:  porridge
L:  some sort of carrot soup as I have a lot of them
D:  Something spicy to warm me up.  Maybe a potato and lentil dhal.

Coffee time!


  1. I actually left the heating on minimum last night as its so cold! I always say when I win the lottery, I'm going in to work just to hear readers!

  2. :-) It is very satisfying, enjoyable, stress-free, what teaching should be. I love it.

    I suspect my heating has been clicking in overnight these last few nights.

    J x