Saturday 13 February 2016


And a very good morning to all my gentle readers.  I'm sitting up in bed here at my parents', safe in the knowledge that my home is being well cared for, laptop open, book to hand, crochet close by, sipping a steaming coffee and feeling entirely relaxed.  Very nice too!

It was a good drive up yesterday.  The roads were not busy but it was a bit slow at times, what with all the bin lorries, vans, etc, but I had loads of time so no problems.  I'm not a speed merchant anyway so am perfectly happy to chug along behind.

As mum and dad were out in the afternoon, I undertook to make dinner - a mince crumble which was rather scrummy!

I have no idea what we're going to do today (if anything) but there's plenty to do and I have my crochet so anything will suit me!

The garden is looking nice, what with all the bulbs, etc, so I took a few photos.  Unfortunately, something has gone wonky with photoshop on my laptop so I can't edit them as I usually do.  Here's a few anyway!

There's no point posting about food because I have no idea really, except that breakfasts will be toast and fruit!

So I hope you have a great day, gentle readers, and that it is not too cold for you!


  1. Lovely Spring flowers! Have a lovely relaxing 'us' time with your parents Joy!

  2. I'm having a really lovely time, thanks, Annabeth. Very restful.
    J x

  3. Enjoy your weekend X I looked for you but could t find you! I messaged Kitty Stitches and I think we can sort it from there X

  4. Okey doke, thanks. I've sent you a message - check your 'other' mailbox on Facebook.
    J x