Wednesday 17 February 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a bit milder today - no frost and no slippers (yet).

Well, yesterday was a busy day in the kitchen.

I made barley flour for the pancakes which were absolutely delicious and I have blogged about them in Teacher's Recipes.

I used the rest of the flour to try and make pasta but let's move swiftly on without exploring that idea any further, OK.  No, no, no!  Fortunately, I didn't waste too much.

While I was rootling in the cupboard for the bread flour, I remembered I had a ready mix (sun dried tomato and Parmesan) packet.  As it needed using up, that's what I did.  Before then I had 'seasoned' the two terracotta plant pots which involved brushing them with oil and baking them a couple of time in a hot oven which made the house stink a bit but never mind.  I don't usually use these ready mix breads but this was rather good even thought they stuck to the flowerpot, even after copious oilings.  Next time I will try it with scrunched up lining paper.

When I made the barley flour, I sieved it and the little bits that didn't go through ended up in the lunchtime soup.  I was amazed at how much it lifted the whole thing and I decided not to zizz it but to have it a little chunky as the barley had thickened it beautifully.  Going to do that one again, for sure.

I have, of course, a bag or pearl barley to use up so I went a hunting and in the evening I made a chicken, mushroom and barley risotto which was also very delicious so it's in the other blog too, adapted and adjusted to serve one hungry person.  I used chicken left over from a roast that I had frozen last week so that was my bit towards reducing the freezer contents for the day.

So by the end of the day I was all barley-ed out and I bet my bowels are in good condition!!!  Barley is supposed to be very healthy.  A friend sent this link to me.

If anyone has scrummy pearl barley recipes, I would very much appreciate them, thank you!

Anyway - today's food which looks remarkably similar to yesterdays - good old leftovers
B  crumpet with a poached egg
L:  leek, potato and barley soup
D:  chicken, mushroom and barley risotto with veg on the side because there's not quite enough left over for a full meal.

I also need to go shopping for some fresh veg and a few bits and bobs like loo rolls and I want to make some bread - normal bread, not fancy bread.

After coffee, of course!


  1. I adore pearl barley in any way shape or form. I love risotto using it much more than risotto made with rice. I'll be watching your blog closely as the recipes appear! I might bake today. It's a cold, def slippers on my slate floor stay indoors kinda day! Bed stripped already!

  2. I'm surprised so many people have said they like it - it's not an ingredient many talk all that much.
    I'm having a go at lemon barley drink at the moment. :-)
    J x

  3. I too love pearl barley and often add a handful to soups and stews to make them go further and it makes delicious risotto.

  4. Last night's barley risotto was wonderful!
    J x