Friday 19 February 2016


Good morning, everyone.

It was a lovely day yesterday, weather wise.  OK, a bit chilly, but loads of sunshine to lighten the spirits.  Hoping for more of the same today.

I seemed to spend a lot of time doing not an awful lot yesterday.  I made the pikelets and they were delicious.  I made soup and that was pretty good too.  I didn't make the lamb curry so that's on my list for today.  Also I have some ham stock so I popped some soup mix in to soak overnight and I must get that made today too.  Some for tomorrow and some for the freezer.

A friend is taking me out for lunch today to which I am really looking forward.  We're going to the Hare (where else?) so I will have a glance at the menu later on and decide what I fancy.

I shall now go into the kitchen and start the day's cooking/baking.

B:  Pikelet with poached egg. yogurt
L:  Out!!!
D: hopefully, lamb curry with flatbread.

Better get started then!


  1. I made crumpets once! Loved them, blogged them, whined about standing over a griddle making them - I'm the same with pancakes! I think I'll join you though with the poached egg for breakfast!

  2. :-) It was a gorgeous breakfast! Filling too. Enjoy yours!
    Home made crumpets are SO much nicer.
    J x