Thursday 11 February 2016


After a wonderfully sunny day yesterday, we had a most beautiful sunset so I rushed outside with my little camera and snapped away.  I was well pleased with the results so there's one at the top now as well as the one below.

It's getting pretty cold though and there's a frost - I love frosts; they are so pretty.
Last night I had the extra cover over my quilt to keep me warm which always works jolly well.

Yesterday morning I went over to a friend's for coffee and a chat.  She has the most adorable little daughter who was at her charming best so we both had a lovely time.  It's nice to chat and to catch up on things!  Thanks, Hannah, for your great hospitality.

Oh, and I did get the ironing finished!

Today is exciting.  By this evening I will have a new, improved shower and also some shower rails to grip, when needed.  Fingers crossed all goes smoothly and there are no hiccups.  I have transferred the money over to my main account and it's all go!  Woo hoo.

Because of the shower, I was going to cancel swimming but Matt (fantastic local plumber) said it would be OK if I went out, in fact he recommended it as there would be no water for a while.  Must remember to put some in a jug and fill up the kettle for him.
He's also replacing the loo handle that sheared off a week or so ago.  It'll be nice to be able to flush the loo properly again.

Usually I go into school Thursday afternoon to hear readers in Y2 but it's the last day before half term, the children will be getting their golden time so I'm not needed.  Right now I feel as if I've been given a holiday.  How long will it take to get out of school habits and reactions, I wonder?  Probably not until I stop any school based stuff and, frankly, I am not prepared to do that yet.

Today's food.
B:  poached egg on toast
L:  not sure, it depends where I am
D:  might spoil myself with fish and chips . . . to celebrate, you know!

I am a keen follower of Michael Rosen's blog and the entry I have just read has both saddened and sickened me.  But that's the way education is going.  Seems all wrong really.


  1. I'm going to read that in a second. Your day sounds fab! A lovely new shower! Its cold and frosty here too, my bulbs are opening faster than branches of Primark! Enjoy your fish n chips. I cannot wait for 5.29pm tomorrow night!!!

  2. Been and read that post! What that child lacks is resilience!!!!

    Seriously though, I wonder which school this child goes to. I don't believe it for a second!!

  3. Don't you? Now I do . . .

    I'm so looking forward to my new shower. :-)

    J x

    1. Actually I think the whole thing is true and it saddens me greatly. I've a tribe of cherubs who work bloody hard all day who will 'fail' their bloody sats because that's all the government are interested in. It stinks to high heaven X

    2. Sorry meant to say I know, not think

  4. There is nothing like a good shower it makes life quick and easy. I tend to run out of enthusiasm when running a bath as with our water pressure it takes forever.

  5. It was the opposite for me - the bath fills quickly but the shower was a weedy thing. :-)
    J x

  6. It's heartbreaking, isn't it. I think it is absolutely disgusting . . .
    J x