Monday 15 February 2016


Well, here we are round at Monday again but this Monday is different because it is half term Monday when hundreds of thousands of big and little people will be rejoicing in the fact that they don't have to turn out in the bitter cold and go to school.

It is so, so cold here but no snow, despite the weather warnings.  There's a heavy frost - or there was when the skies were clear - but it is now clouding over (snow?  probably not) and that will lift the temperature a little.  Mum and I plan to meander around town this morning so I'm hoping it stays dry and warms up a bit!

Yesterday morning, while mum and dad were at church, I went to their local Tesco, a huge place in Baldock.  The thing I did go to look at wasn't in but I found several other bits and bobs as follows.
An external battery pack thingy for Alex so that when he lets his mobile go flat he can still use it.  It was reduced so that was great.
A veg chopper.  I've been looking for one for a while.  I used to have one ages ago and it was very useful but it disappeared at some point so I was well pleased to see it.
It's very similar to this.

I found some Knorr chicken powder (or it might be granules), a product that I used to use until the shops round our way stopped stocking it.  I'm not sure whether Knorr stopped producing it for a while because I couldn't find it anywhere.  Anyway, Tescos had it in so I got some.  It is low salt and makes a very acceptable chicken stock, I think.  I was so glad to see it.

I got some pearl barley after reading through Jack Monroe's description of their Live Below The Line recipes from last year where home made barley flour featured heavily  It sounds good, pearl barley is cheap and I have a machine that will grind it into flour without any problems.
Here's a link to the first of the entries.  Jack is very creative with food!

It was a good shop except for what I went for so when I got home I used Amazon instead.  More about that later on in the week.

As expected, in the afternoon I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted.  This blanket/throw thingy is certainly using up a fair amount of yarn and, as the sides get longer, it is growing more slowly but never mind.  It keeps my hands occupied, if not my brain!  And it's a rectangle!

Today's food:
B toast and toppings
L:  I think it's mini haggis with something.
D:  Most likely to be a couple of slices of pizza with a side salad.


  1. It is indeed a happy Monday! I'm loving the sunshine. But it's bloody cold! Think I'm off to Asda with my sister! See, all the fun I have when I'm not at work lol

  2. So, so, so cold but it was sunny so we didn't mind. Hope Asda was good! :-)
    J x