Wednesday 10 February 2016


I was right.  I did feel pretty sad yesterday.  I left with a card and some flowers, which was nice, and it's not goodbye, just end of teaching contract.  I will be going in a couple of times a week to hear readers and I will take up supply if it is offered to me.

It was a lovely day.  No issues with the children and, while it was jolly cold, afternoon playground duty was sunny and it was lovely to get out.  Mind you, I seemed to do a lot of 'out' during the day.  In the morning they had a water play task to do - outside - and the class also had outside time in the afternoon.  A bit chilly but they are hardy types and I seemed to suffer a lot more than the children!

I did my last music lesson with the class.  I have so enjoyed delivering these lessons and yesterday's went really well.  I introduced the song and one little lass started putting actions to it so she came up to the front and taught the class her actions.  Very sweet.

Today is quite busy with coffee with a friend in the morning (Ms Gadabout, that's me) and plenty to do in the afternoon.  I didn't get all that ironing sorted and MUST do it today, really must!

Someone gave me a recipe for a sort of pizza dough made basically with flour and yogurt.  As I have both in plus everything else needed. I thought I'd give it a go.  That's my dinner sorted out!

So, food . . .
B:  poached egg on toast
L:  cheese and chicken toasties, fruit yogurt
D:  home made pizza, coleslaw

Better get started!


  1. You'll soon wonder how you fit work in I bet! Plus, I reckon you'll be in school more than you think!! Enjoy your coffee - have cake too xx

  2. Sadly, I have no cake, but I did enjoy my poached egg! :-)
    J x