Saturday 20 February 2016


. . . yet again!  It seems to come round quickly, doesn't it.  Half term is nearly over for all our hard working and dedicated teachers and, if any of you read this, I hope you have been able to have a good rest.  This especially applies to Y6 and Y2 teachers who have a horrendous amount of new and probably unnecessary assessment to get through in the next month or so.

Yesterday was good.

In the morning I made soup.  Two kinds - another leek and potato on request and a ham and veg, where I used up some ham stock that wasn't too salty and cooked it with 'soup mix' that had been soaking overnight and some chopped onion, carrot and celery.  All very frugal and also very delicious.  Most will be frozen but I shall have some for lunch today - the pulses, grains and veg will make it very sustaining.

I also set to and made the curry.  It was jardaloo boti (lamb with apricots - but you knew that, of course!!!).  You know what curries are like - a great long list of ingredients, most of which turn out to be spices.  It was much easier than I expected: I left it on low in the oven while I went out for lunch and when I got back the stewing lamb was gloriously fragrant and tender.  I was going to freeze the other half but have decided to have it tonight.
It contained a lot of meat but no veg to speak of apart from onion.  If I had been more prepared, I could have made a few sides and split the curry into four which would have made it much more frugal.  Next time . . .   I did make flat bread and it went really well with that, as it didn't have a gravy, more a sauce, if you know what I mean

Lunch was great and it was lovely to be treated - thanks so much, N.
I chose chicken BLT and was astounded at the size of it.  More meat than I would eat in a couple of days plus the bread, crisps and coleslaw.  To cap it all, I had a dessert, which was also delicious.  When I got home I was so stuffed that I didn't have dinner until 8:00

Sonja and Milli are just leaving as I type.  I shall miss them but they will be back on Thursday!

Today I have bread to make, sour dough starter to tend, more pikelets to make, a bedroom to sort out (getting there but it is lo-o-ong and slow) and a blanket to finish.  I'm on the last round, then it's the edging and it will be done.
Then I can start another one, a more random one!  I'm enjoying it - it gives my hands something to do while I am watching telly and, as it's such an easy stitch, I hardly have to think about what I am doing as I crochet away.  Then, as it is now so big, there is the added advantage that it keeps my knees warm!

And Beth will be round to sew!

Today's food:
B:  poached egg on pikelet and maybe a slice of bacon as a Saturday treat, apple
L:  ham and veg soup, fruit yogurt, orange
D:  lamb with apricots, flatbread, yogurt

Tomorrow will have to be a non-meat day, I think - I've had too much over the last few days.


  1. It all sounds rather delicious! You are making me hungry for pike lets and curry and pub grub at 8am! Sounds like you have a lovely Saturday planned. Enjoy X

  2. It was very delicious and well worth the time it took. I'm trying barley bread today - if it works I will post about it!
    J x

  3. I bought spelt flour today. I love spelt bread

  4. I've never made it but I do have some spelt flour in the cupboard. Do you just use a normal recipe for white?
    J x

  5. I did, but t I used half white half spelt x

  6. OK, thanks for that. I will give it a go after I have got the trauma of trying a sourdough loaf over and done with!
    J x